A major obstacle with writing for me is staring at a blank page and struggling to put my thoughts into words. Often, I lack the resolve to push through.

I lost count on the number of times I’ve tried and failed at writing regularly.

Then there’s the option of recording a voice memo, but the transcription capabilities of Siri are pathetic.

It wasn’t until last year that I stumbled upon the Whisper AI tool used in platforms like AudioPen, which allowed me to explore just unloading my thoughts into the app.

However, because the tool also rewrites, I’m not entirely satisfied with how it rephrased my thoughts—it’s sometimes hit-or-miss.

Later on, another tool, Reflect Notes, introduced their voice notes feature. Where it differs from AudioPen is how it handles your voice notes.

Reflect Notes only transcribe your voice notes. This means I have the flexibility of deciding what to do with my unstructured thoughts. For example, create to-do lists, draft project proposals, and more.

Frankly, I much prefer this approach.

Recently, it dawned on me: what if I could record my thoughts and then make them accessible in a way that I can build a knowledge base from them? I could deploy a custom AI chatbot to answer questions based on this knowledge base. How cool is that?

This is really interesting because three years ago, all of this would have been nearly impossible without expensive tools or manual labor.

Now, we can deploy it with little effort and at a remarkably low cost.